What I Do

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Facilitating, Training, Speaking, and Writing
  • Innovative, Agile Program Management
  • Startup Feasibility and Business Planning
  • Management Consulting

I've had the privilege of coaching program managers and executives, and their teams at Amazon, Boeing, Capgemini, Microsoft, T-Mobile, and others. I help them execute better in their current roles and prepare them to earn their next leadership level. I'm dedicated to improving the communities where I work and live. As a past-Rear Commodore of the Corinthian Yacht Club of Seattle and as a new member of the Corinthian Yacht Club of Tacoma's Long-Range Planning Committee, I've been helping navigate both organizations to a more financially sustainable future.

My teams tell me that my leadership shines brightest when the challenges seem insurmountable. My clients say they know I'm in the boat with them. Margaret, a former professional chef and my wife of nearly 30 years, simply calls my ability to muster courage in the face of fear...zest!

With the launch of Captain Coach David, I will continue to leverage my integrated thinking and diverse experiences - both on and off the water - to coach successful professionals to deliver breakthrough results...faster...and enjoy the journey!


"Ventura Project Group's business project management roadmap helped me listen to the truth about my business and morph it to make it stronger in the market. They helped make it fun to write a business plan and get it funded!" Brian Rolf, Serial Entrepreneur

"We are delighted with the help Ventura Project Group provided to Montessori Garden on our business plan for a new location of our school. The plan helped us get clear about becoming business partners, relocating the business to a new part of Seattle and creating a new experience for our customers. The plan also helped us raise angel financing to make our dream come true."

"For the last three years, I have increased revenues every year and worked fewer hours while being coached by David Gallimore, Principal of Ventura Project Group. I’ve improved my operations, which in turn has increased customer and tutor satisfaction.” I’ve enjoyed the business coaching provided by David.”

"Ventura Project Group helped me identify the strengths and weaknesses of my business before I spent more emotional and financial resources… I learned a process that I can use again with my next big idea!"

  • Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

  • Alan Mulally Working Together Management System

  • VPG Becoming a Trusted Advisor

  • VPG Leadership On and Off the Water

  • VPG Sustainable Results Method

Business Startup Roadmap

"Ventura Project Group's business startup roadmap helped me listen to the truth about my business and morph it to make it stronger in the market. They helped make it fun to write a business plan and get it funded!”

- Brian Rolf, Serial Entrepreneur

ASSESS: Evaluates the business feasibility of your start-up. Based on the award winning FastTrac program used by the Kaufmann Foundation for Entrepreneurship

  • Save money writing a full-blown business plan by first learning if the idea can make money and is viable in the market
  • Written and oral report describes 360-degree view of the strengths and weaknesses of the idea. Areas include team, product/service, market, intellectual property protection, operations, and financial (gross margin)
  • Help “morph” the idea to leverage its strengths and strengthen its weaknesses to make it more viable in the market.
  • Provides objective, third party review to help move emotionally attached projects forward faster
  • Provides market validation of assumptions about your business. Helps you see the reality about your business; if you listen it will tell you the truth. Better to find out now rather than later in the market
  • Deliverable: Feasibility Study

PLAN: Creates an internal corporate or external investment ready (Bank, SBA, Angel or Venture Capital) plan.

Based on the feasibility study, the plan expands the team, product/service, market, intellectual property protection, and operations sections to create a clear and focused strategy for each.

  • Describes the management team (current and planned), sales and marketing efforts, and a detailed financial model (bottoms up) to illustrate and validate overall plan for success
  • Adds sources and uses of funds to clearly describe to investors how the money will be invested to grow the business
  • Deliverables: Business Case (internal corporate) or Business Plan (external investor)

FUND RAISING: Creates the plan necessary to identify and nurture key fund raising resources.

  • Identify the best sources of investors based on the business plan’s focus (e.g. technology, business services, energy, etc.), the preferences for retention of ownership, financing level, and exit strategy
  • Coordinate with business lawyer to create a draft of the private placement memorandum or term sheet
  • Supports the entrepreneur with strategy sessions and other coaching to secure funding—and also available to help raise money
  • Deliverables: Fundraising Plan, Private Placement Memorandum or Term Sheet

LAUNCH: Manage teams and resources to launch your company on time, on budget, and as expected.

  • Monthly advisory meetings, weekly team and daily standup meetings ensure proactive communication
  • Regularly scheduled or on-demand coaching provides entrepreneurs with professional development to strengthen their leadership and management skills and confidence
  • After Action Review creates a learning organization that increases performance and quality, reduces errors, costs and waste in starting up a new business
  • Deliverables: Meeting Agendas and Minutes, After Action Project Review

The Business Program Management Roadmap

The Business Program Management Roadmap : Focused, proven program management for your key business initiatives. Define goals, plan and manage tasks and resources, identify and mitigate risks, and control costs. For a new project or one already in progress, create a high-performing project team who delivers sustainable results.