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I’m excited to share with you my next new adventure: Captain Coach David!
For 20+ years, I've been an agile, innovative Program Manager, Director of Technology, CTO, and most importantly, a leader-as-coach to dozens of high performance teams. In 2004, I founded Ventura Project Group, a management consulting company for founders of startups in the Seattle Area. Today, Captain Coach David joins the Group to provide leadership development coaching, teaching/facilitation, speaking, and writing to global clients. I leverage my integrated thinking and diverse experiences - both on and off the water - to coach successful professionals to deliver breakthrough results...faster...and enjoy the journey!

Raced on Bravo Zulu (Beneteau 40).

CYC Seattle Boat of the Year

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My Mission
  • Be the Captain of My Life!
  • Lead by example, and share what I know about leadership that really works.
  • Identify, celebrate, and grow SAILz "Next Gen" Leaders.
  • Working together, we are creating a better world...faster!

Raced on Delirium (J/105): CYC Seattle Boat of the Year
Raced on Delirium (J/105): CYC Seattle Boat of the Year
What Is SAILz?
  • Sustainable,
  • Agile,
  • Innovative,
  • Leadership with
  • zest!

SAILz is a proven, integrated, leadership framework based on 20+ years of experience leading high-performance teams.

Shed the Old...Unleash the Real Leader Inside!

Deliver faster...now!  Invest in yourself. Prepare during our "Time of COVID" for your next leadership opportunity.
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Sailing Through a Gale on the Pacific Ocean
Sailing Through a Gale on the Pacific Ocean

The Backstory of
Captain Coach David...

I'm passionate about living a life of adventure. In the summer of 2016, when my wife, Margaret, and I were sailing on the Pacific Ocean from Maui to Vancouver, B.C., we were struck by a storm that caused our sailboat to spring a leak 200 miles offshore. After bailing for the day in 20-foot seas and 40 knot winds, we realized we would not be able to keep this up through the night. I found my character in the face of a life threatening storm and rose to the occasion to be the "captain of my life".

I'm now a licensed maritime captain with 57,000 nm, a Pacific Ocean sailing adventurer, and winning sailboat racer. In addition to leadership coaching, writing, and speaking, I love to deliver innovative, experiential leadership and team building programs both on and off the water.

A visit from a USCG helicopter to drop a pump
A visit from a USCG helicopter to drop a pump
Sailing on the Pacific Ocean...My Happy Place
Sailing on the Pacific Ocean...My Happy Place

I realized I needed to be the Captain of My Life!

During today’s difficult “Time of COVID,” all of us are experiencing intense work and personal pressures. You have or may experience job loss. From painful experience, I know exactly how that feels and want to point to hope. When you find your zest – your courage in the storm - and are willing to show up despite the fear, uncertainty, and doubt, you’re already a winner and will be victorious. In the words of Winston Churchill: “Never Give Up!” “Never Surrender!”

It's OK to ask for help. Being a leader can be lonely. If you've been searching awhile for someone who lives their values: love, adventure, challenge, leadership, and impact; someone who has not just survived, but thrived in times of crisis; someone who is dedicated to you and your sustainable success; someone who will challenge you to shed the old and unleash the real leader inside...

If you've been searching awhile for a coach, then press the damn button below 🙂 !

"David is a strong leader, innovator, strategist and all-around great person.
His strength lies in developing innovative strategies which leverage technology
to deliver customer valueand leading the team through the project with flawless execution.

I enjoyed working with David to launch the Capgemini IoT practice and
hope that I have the opportunity to work with him in the future."

         - Mary Haigis, Executive Vice President, Marketing, BDNA Corporation

"It is difficult to explain the level of gratitude and respect I have for David.
He taught me to truly make a difference by getting to know my clients and understanding their concerns, issues, and needs.

Thank you, David, for the inspiration, effort, and passion you bring each and every day."

         - Art Thomas, Owner and Entrepreneur

My mentor, Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford and Boeing Commercial Aircraft, nominated, and Marshall Goldsmith selected me from 16,000+ global applicants for his “pay it forward” initiative: MG100 Coaches. I am both inspired and humbled to be a part of this amazing group of talented people!

Featured Tool:

My clients and I use this tool daily to help hold ourselves accountable with what we say matters in our lives.   My mentor, Marshall Goldsmith, has a dear colleague CALL HIM EVERY DAY! He simply reads his daily scores for each row to help hold himself accountable. Try the Daily Questions with an accountability partner and see how 1% daily improvement becomes 37X in a year!

Featured Video:

I'm dedicated to investing in the communities I live and work in!

I volunteer 5% of my time and donate 5% of my profits to support the following organizations.

Click on the logos to learn more. See how your time and money can be leveraged for good.

By investing in our communities, we are creating a better world...faster!

US Sailing is doing some amazing and essential anti-racist work. They recently put out a statement saying:

“We are devastated by the recent events and stand by the Black community and all who have been subjected to injustice and inequality. The sport of sailing has a long way to go before achieving equal access and inclusion. We are committed to listening, learning, and being a part of the solution.”

I stand with US Sailing, similar organizations, and my BIPOC sisters and brothers around the globe who believe during this time of much uncertainty, we need to come together more than ever and provide leadership to help move us all forward "to liberty and justice for all"...faster!

It will take a sizable village of leaders like us, working together, to unleash the creativity of millions of people. We have no time to waste! Are you in? How do you want to play together to create a better world...faster!?
Receive my SAILz "Next Gen" Leader Assessment and helpful strategies, tips, and tools: