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David Gallimore is a leadership coach, teacher, and keynote speaker who works with innovative executives, program managers and high potential leaders and their teams. He helps successful leaders identify and close leadership gaps to become even more effective in their current roles. He prepares them and their teams to create greater value and impact in their next leadership roles.

A licensed maritime captain with 57,000 nm, Pacific Ocean sailing adventurer, and winning sailboat racer,
Captain Coach David delivers innovative, experiential leadership and team building programs both on and off the water.

David is a serial entrepreneur known for creating high-performance teams and value at the intersection of business and technology. He leverages proven practices in sustainability, Lean/Agile, and innovative program management to deliver competitive advantage and sustainable results. He created and led seven successful startups inside organizations that are still generating $6B+ in value across industries: IBM, Boeing, Capgemini, T-Mobile, Seattle Genetics, and Seattle University.

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Einstein had his E=MC2. What’s your formula for innovation?

I recently gave a presentation on innovation to an east coast utility executive team, known for being leaders in innovation. What could I offer this team that was fresh, insightful, and would make a difference with their next gen innovation programs? I turned to the historic figure I’d most like to sit down to dinner, […]
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My mentor, Alan Mulally, CEO of Ford and Boeing Commercial Aircraft, nominated, and Marshall Goldsmith selected me from 16,000+ global applicants for his “pay it forward” initiative: MG100 Coaches. I am both inspired and humbled to be a part of this amazing group of talented people!

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My clients and I use this tool daily to help hold ourselves accountable with what we say matters in our lives.   My mentor, Marshall Goldsmith, has a dear colleague CALL HIM EVERY DAY to help hold himself accountable.  Try it with an accountability partner!

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"Ventura Project Group's business project management roadmap helped me listen to the truth about my business and morph it to make it stronger in the market. They helped make it fun to write a business plan and get it funded!" Brian Rolf, Serial Entrepreneur

"We are delighted with the help Ventura Project Group provided to Montessori Garden on our business plan for a new location of our school. The plan helped us get clear about becoming business partners, relocating the business to a new part of Seattle and creating a new experience for our customers. The plan also helped us raise angel financing to make our dream come true."

"For the last three years, I have increased revenues every year and worked fewer hours while being coached by David Gallimore, Principal of Ventura Project Group. I’ve improved my operations, which in turn has increased customer and tutor satisfaction.” I’ve enjoyed the business coaching provided by David.”

"Ventura Project Group helped me identify the strengths and weaknesses of my business before I spent more emotional and financial resources… I learned a process that I can use again with my next big idea!"

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